Apollo Tools Pink Tool Kit Review [135 pieces]

If you are looking to buy something for a wife, sister, daughter or female friend then this might be a nice practical gift. Not only will they be able to use the tools to do basic DIY repairs around the house, one dollar from every purchase is donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation so you are also gifting them.

Another positive is that if they have their own pink tool kit they will leave your tools alone! No more missing tools or tools put back in the wrong place. Of course this works both ways, if they find you using their distinctive pink tools you could be in trouble!

Everything is packed in a stylish but tough Pink Carry case which complete with tools only weighs in at 7.7lbs. Ideal for those who want a compact tool set that they can store away or to carry with them in the trunk of a car.

Included in the case are;

Cordless Screwdriver & Charger

100 piece fastener set that includes nails, screws, hooks, picture hanging brackets

4 Precision Screwdrivers

Claw Hammer

Tape Measure

Adjustable Wrench

Magnetic Level


Box Knife

Putty Knife



These tools will allow for basic DIY tasks such as hanging pictures, tightening screws, putting together flat pack furniture and other household repair tasks that don’t need any specialist knowledge. It might be a great saving for those who call out the local handy man for small jobs that they easily could do themselves. This could be worth the price of the set alone.

The cordless screwdriver takes around 4-5 hours to charge, its obviously not as powerful as a dedicated cordless power drill but should be up to basic tasks like assembling Ikea furniture but not drilling holes or such like. Some reviewers commented that it did not have enough torque but once again this is a ladies lightweight tool set.

While there were a few negative responses online regarding the tools most reviews agreed that it is a good basic tool set and especially good for girls going off to college. Some mentioned that the tools seemed a little lightweight but maybe this would be a good thing for women to have tools that aren’t so heavy. Some gifted the tool set to younger girls as well who might not be able to handle heavy tools.

Apollo Tools also offer a Lifetime Warranty for the set and confirm that the tools are tested against industry standards. The tools are heat treated and also chrome plated to prevent any corrosion.


OK the Pink tools idea might be a bit of a cliche but most will find them fun and stylish. For the price this is a decent tool kit and is ideal for a person with smaller hands or who would prefer tools that are of a lighter weight. And remember proceeds go to a good cause as well. If she really gets in to her ‘Pink DIY’ you can upgrade to a pink cordless drill.

If you want a smaller or larger set Apollo also do a 53 piece, 170 piece and 201 piece tool set.